We are celebrating! On the 15th of April, it will be 120 years since the shareholders founded the Czech joint stock brewery, the direct legal predecessor of today’s Budweiser Budvar. Brewing has a tradition in České Budějovice for 750 years already. Celebrations will take place throughout the year. You can enjoy a limited edition of beer and gifts, come to our events and take look back into the history of the brewery, which is not afraid to say NO.

7.10.1895 First batch of beer

The Czech Joint-Stock Brewery (present Budweiser Budvar, N.C.) began to brew its famous beer on 7th October 1895. The circumstances preceding its founding were very dramatic in the nationally divided Budějovice. One part which Czech brewers were was not satisfied with was the situation in the local very German Civic Brewery and so supported by the leading representatives of the Czech bourgeoisie they decided to set up a new company.